Friday, July 31, 2009

Prince Music Theatre 2005

Prince Music Theatre
Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
December 2005-Febraury '06

Director: Richard M. Parrison Jr.
Choreographer: Mercedes Ellington
Costume Designer: Mark Mariani
Set Design: Todd Edward Ivin

Richard M. Parrison's Jr. direction, Mercedes Ellington's choreography, and Todd Edward Ivins' simple set design -- enlivened by the frequent use of projections -- get their jobs done efficiently if unremarkably. On a higher level are Mark Mariani's superb costumes -- including a trio of what appears to be vintage Pucci dresses for a 1970s sequence -- which give the show some much needed visual pizzazz.

Mercedes Ellington has done excellent work using period movement to make the production dance. However, the movement is superfluous at times, distracting the viewer from the genius of the musical, and is used as unneeded filler during transitions between certain scenes.

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